Superannuation & SMSF solutions

Superannuation is not an investment that should be put away in the drawer. It is quite simply a tax structure which if managed efficiently in conjunction to your non-super investments, can maximise your retirement investments in a tax effective manner.

Most people can choose the super fund they want their employer contributions paid into, as long as it's an Australian complying fund that receives concessional tax treatment. You may also be able to choose how your savings are invested. Some fund investment strategies offer higher returns with higher risks, while others offer greater security for your money but with lower returns.

When choosing a super fund it is a good idea to speak to a qualified professional to help decide your investment strategy, contribution plan and provide a comparison of the benefits that are important to your needs.

A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) functions like any other super fund, but responsibility of managing the fund rests with the trustee - YOU.

Establishing and operating an SMSF is a major financial decision and it is not suitable for every investor. You have control over and full responsibility for your fund's investment, operating and legal responsibilities; which could incur severe financial penalties if not managed within the regulatory guidelines.

Self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) property investment is a popular alternative for people who wish to diversify their investment portfolios over and above typical managed funds.

There are many more ‘hoops’ to jump through with this borrowing arrangement in comparison to an investment property purchase outside of the super fund.

However, if overseen by a qualified project manager the loan approval, accompanying legal structure and liaise with various third parties, ie an accountant, solicitor, etc.on your behalf, it can be quite an exciting and rewarding experience to watch your super grow.

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